Kasutaja bee päevik

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On palju mesinikke, kes kiruvad: "jälle ta on oma. mürgipritsiga põllul". Taimekaitsepritsiga ei pritsita ainult taimekaitsevahendeid. Pritsitakse ka väetist

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kuidas hnnata riski maismaal elavatele elukate kui kasutada taimekaitsevahendeid

üks riskihindamise alusdokumente:


mesilaste kohta leheküljed 17-19

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roundupi toimeaine - glüfosaat (umbrohutõrjevahend) ja võrdluseks fastaci toimeaine - alfa-tsüpermetriin (putukate tõrjevahend)


leheküljel 22 on info glüfosaadi (herbitsiid, roundupi toimeaine) toksilisuse kohta mesilastele LD50: 100 μg as/bee (poolletaalne doos mesilase kohta)

võrdluseks alfa-tsüpermetriin (insektitsiid, fastaci toimeaine): LD50 0.059 μg a.s./bee


leheküljel 18 on info alfa-tsüpermetriini toksilisuse kohta mesilastele

mida väiksem number, seda ohlikum see aine on

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Practical information for bee keepers


The BEE SHOP research project has addressed specific issues relating to honey contamination by pesticides and treatments used to combat pests and pathogens in the hive. It has produced a manual for beekeepers on the best husbandry practices to preserve the hygiene of the hive, practical information on disinfection in pictures and a number of outcomes on the potential to increase bee resistance to viruses and parasites. Further information is available on the website of the project.

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As laid down in Directive 91/414/EEC, the European Commission launched in 1992 the work programme on the Community-wide review process for all active ingredients used in plant protection products within the European Union. In this review process, each substance had to be evaluated as to whether it could be used safely regarding human health (operators, bystanders, consumers) and the environment (in particular groundwater and non target organisms, such as bees).

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