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Hi dear Estonian beeks,
My name is Ainars Millers and I'm beekeeper from Far South (Latvia) Smile

I'm looking for a person who can write an article about Estonian beekeeping for German beekeeping magazines "ADIZ/die Biene/Imkerfreund". If nobody wants do this, I can try myself, it his case I'll need answers to many questions, as well pictures.

I've written an article about Latvian beekeeping and it was published on April editions. You can see it here -

The article about Estonia can have the some lay-out and structure, but it can be also different.

Please, let me know if anybody is interested to write this article, maybe group of authors? Maybe you can advise anyone who can do this? Otherwise I will write an article about you myself (I'm threating Smile)

For information - all three magazines have together 40.000 copies. This is one of two leading beekeeping magazine.  Website -

Best regards from Latvia,

Tel.: +371-28630031

P.S.' You can contact me in English, German or Russian (and in Latvian, of course).

P.S." I'm not sure that it's the right thread. I cannot Estonian and it was a challenge for me to registrate in this forum Smile


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Hi Ainars,

Welcome to! How did you find our site? It's nice to see new dot in the beekeeper's map outside the Estonia;)

I created new forum for non-Estonian users and moved Your post (t)here.

What's the deadline for that article?

To Estonian folks - any takers?


Hi Tormi, I enjoyed a lot of

Hi Tormi,
I enjoyed a lot of beautiful pictures in  "pildialbumid". Unfortunately I cannot Estonian and cannot read texts. Smile

That's a good idea to have a thread for non-Estonian users.

There is no deadline for this article. It would be fine to write it this year. Anyway, the editorial would like to have an article about Estonia. In past time there were already articles about Slovenia, Poland, Hungary, Czech Republic, in April this year also Latvia.

I would prefere that article about Estonia is written by Estonian beekeeper. You can do it better.  If nobody wants to do this, I will take that and hope that I can get answer to my questions, as well pictures.

At the moment no contacts Smile I've contacted also Mr. Kilk in April and few days ago- no response.

Hope it will change Smile

Best regards