Veterinary Medicines

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The use of veterinary medicinal products in the bee sector has to comply with the European rules on veterinary medicinal products.

It is acknowledged that the problems of the bee keeping sector and the decline in the bee population all over Europe and the world are complex and diverse. One of the concerns raised by interested parties and Member States over the years is the lack of adequate medicines to treat bee diseases. Therefore, the European Medicines Agency organised on 14-15 December 2009, a workshop ("Medicines in Bees: What the European Medicines Agency can do to increase availability") to discuss this specific aspect concerning bee health.

The workshop brought together experts from the bee keeping and honey production section, experts in bee diseases and treatment of bees, representatives from the regulatory authorities of Member States, the European Commission, the animal health industry and other interested parties. The aim was to provide the opportunity to discuss possible approaches forward and to identify most needed treatment options for bees, including consideration of practical aspects of how to achieve marketing authorisations for bee medicines.

Following presentations providing information of the current activities in Europe, identifying the problems that the bee keeping community and veterinarians are facing, and proposing ideas for solutions from the viewpoint of the different concerned parties, the meeting split up in two breakout groups to discuss specific points identified in the plenary session as key elements towards providing adequate medicines for the treatment of bees.

One group concentrated on providing an analysis of the current situation. The second group’s task was to consider issues of feasibility and prepare proposals for actions that could support the availability and use of authorised veterinary medicinal products for bees.

The full report together with the proceedings of the Workshop can be found here:

Further information on veterinary medicines and the maximum residue limits of these products is available on the website of European Commission on pharmaceuticals and of the European Medicines Agency.

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